Monday, October 13, 2014

Thank You, etc.

First of all, thanks are to you if you attended our show on Saturday. If you didn't, well, we understand. It's hard to stay up late, isn't it?

So, we had a really good show, mostly because we played with nice bands and the folks at the Atlantic were kind to us. By 'nice,' I don't mean that the music was 'nice,' I mean it was cool to talk with the bands, everyone was pleasant and generous, and it was a good hang. Dear and Glorious Physician were just as I remembered them, by turns furious, delicate, spacious, complicated. Die Alps was cool, I personally zoned in on some great guitar histrionics from the dude on the right. You know, the guy who had an AC30 and an attenuator. Holographic Teeth were ferocious, they had some real garage Sonic-Youthy stuff going on, and they made a hell of a racket. 

So good bands, friendly folks at the club, we had fun doing our thing—a good show.

Also, I spoke with our godfather-in-rock, Ned Davis of PopCanon the day before the show, and he reminded me of this:
I believe I've posted this on the blog before, but Ned (living now in Rochester) has this up on his wall in his office at his very Important job. "This" of course is the headstock from Steven's DanElectro guitar, which he smashed at what was, at the time, our Last Show Ever. The other stuff in the frame is some words from this very blog.

We love you, Ned.

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